Several points, because it’s the beginning of the quarter and homework has started tracking mud through gaming and knitting paradise.

1) Man, being back in school after six months is weird, but strangely familiar.

2) Flu sucks.

3) Bronchitis sucks more.

4) Leaving a blog alone for a month feels like an eternity, and I have the sudden urge to give it chocolates and profusely apologize for abandoning it by its poor, lonely, picture-starved self.

5) Pictures! I’ve done some stuff and dang it, it’s pretty. (Another time, though.)

6) Spinning is amazing,and hopefully I’ll get a picture of my new toy when it comes in.

7) Anyone know how to stain/paint/finish wood to be durable and awesome?

8) Lace is a jerk.

9) I should doodle representations of yarn weights. Now that I think about it.

10) I think I’ll go do that now.

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